Wownero - The Best and Most Useless Project #

This is a documentation page for the cryptocurrency project, Wownero; the only project that means nothing, is generally useless, and doesn’t try to pretend any differently.

It’s freeing in a way to embrace these facts as the rest of the cryptocurrency realm is rife with marketing, buzzwords, scams, and bullshit to have new entrants drink the kool-aid so proponents can gamble against each other to make a buck.

Wownero is a fun project to learn and hack on code, bet on snail races (literally), make stupid memes, chat with our group of ragtag stoners, and generally have fun with interesting cryptocurrency tech based on Monero (the only legit project around). Real G’s idle in IRC (and move in silence like lasagna).

If you’re coming to “invest”, you’re going to have a bad time.

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