Techical specs

Wownero Technical Specs #

Charts #

The following charts were generated by a real G, Stoffu

Live #

Wownero blockchain is live since April 1st 2018.

Distribution #

Wownero had no premine, ICO, instamine, or presale of any kind.

Block reward #

184 million coins mined over ~50 years, with a smooth emission curve. No tail emission.

Proof of Work #

  • Cryptonight v1 since height 1
  • Cryptonight v2 since height 53666
  • Cryptonight WOW since height 81769
  • RandomWOW since height 114969

Block time #

5 minutes.

Privacy #

Wownero uses ring rignatures, stealth addresses and RingCT.

  • Bulletproofs for better scaling
  • Ring size of 22

Solo mining #

Wownero is solo-mining only since Junkie Jeff Hardfork (4th july 2021). See mining for solo mining instructions.