Running a node

Run A Node With A Binary #

You need ~10 GB of free disk space to run a Wownero node. SSD is not necessary but syncing will be much faster compared to hard disk.

  1. Download and extract the latest Wownero release
  2. Double-click or run wownerod. If you are on Linux, you might have to allow execution of the daemon: chmod +x ./wownerod

Wait for sync, and that’s it! You’re now running a Wownero node.

The RPC port will be available at 34568

Run A Node With Docker #

A container image with wownerod is available in a few places:

A trusted and up to date one is hosted by lalanza808/wownero. Run it like so:

docker run --rm -it -p 34568 -v ~/.wownero:/data/ lalanza808/wownero:v0.11.1.0 wownerod --data-dir /data

Run A Node With Docker-Compose And Dashboards #

lza_menace has a project which packages open source monitoring tools Prometheus and Grafana along with some custom metrics exporters to give a whole dashboard of node and network usage.

It looks like this:

See the repo here and follow the instructions: