Wownero is solo-mining only since Junkie Jeff Hardfork (4th july 2021).

Mining Directly With Wownerod #

This guide was copied and extended from JR Swab’s blog post - read the source here: JR Swab - Mining Wownero

  1. Download the latest version of Wownero to your mining computer here: Wownero releases.
  2. Extract the download
  3. Open a terminal in the extracted directory (you should see wownerod, wownero-wallet-cli, etc from the ls command)
  4. Create a new wallet for mining by running ./wownero-wallet-cli --generate-new-wallet mining
  5. Note the wallet’s mnemonic seed and store it safely
  6. Enter spendkey while in the wallet CLI interface and note the secret spend key (aka {SECRET-SPENDKEY})
  7. Enter address while in the wallet CLI interface and note the primary address (aka {YOUR-ADDRESS})
  8. Determine how many CPU cores you want to dedicate to mining (aka {NUMBER})
  9. Run ./wownerod --start-mining {YOUR-ADDRESS} --spend-secret-key {SECRET-SPENDKEY} --mining-threads {NUMBER}

When the blockchain finishes synchronizing mining will begin.

Please consider sending a tip to this person for taking the time to write this: Donate to JR Swab.

Mining with XMRig #

Once again copied from JR Swab’s blog post. Donate to JR Swab.

Perform the above steps but change number 9; wownerod must be running in your terminal without mining options (just run ./wownerod):

  1. Download the latest XMRig release
  2. Extract the download
  3. Open a new terminal in the extracted directory (you should see xmrig from the ls command)
  4. Run ./xmrig --donate-level 5 --url --user {YOUR-ADDRESS} --algo rx/wow --spend-secret-key {SECRET-SPENDKEY} --threads {NUMBER} --daemon; run with sudo for additional performance

Mining with SuchMiner #

To solo mine you can use SuchMiner, a high-performance Wownero miner.

  1. Download SuchMiner and unzip the downloaded folder. If you wish you can also verify the hash and signature, or build by yourself.
  2. For security reasons it is strongly recommeneded to create a new wallet for mining. You can use Wowlet or Wownero Wallet CLI.
  3. Run SuchMiner and enter your wallet address and private spend key when prompted. In WowLet you can see them with wallet>keys.

Wen block? #

CryptUnit is a great solo mining calculator. Please keep in mind that solo mining is a lottery - it might take you more or less time to find a block, depending on your luck.